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Off-campus safety is still Syracuse University’s responsibility

Paul Schlesinger | Asst. Photo Editor

The installation of cameras on Euclid and Stratford will improve the safety of of students off campus.

When Manley Field House requires a hike — or a bus — to get to and residence halls sit next to off-campus students’ homes, it’s hard to tell when you’ve walked onto the Syracuse University campus or off it. And with its recent investments in off-campus security, SU has put plans into motion that realize its responsibility for student safety beyond campus buildings.

This semester, SU plans to install cameras that span much of Euclid Avenue and all of Stratford Street. The university will also remove bushes and increase lighting on off-campus streets, and there are hopes in the Student Association to start a Euclid-area shuttle.

Walking beyond Comstock technically means venturing into university neighborhood streets overseen by the city of Syracuse. Still, university-sponsored improvements have the potential to transform student life for the 35 percent of students who live off campus, according to the SU website and deserve protection.

Students who live off campus are more vulnerable than the average homeowner or tenant. It’s often their first time living away from home, and they’re walking around with laptops stashed in backpacks with Public Safety notice emails fresh in their minds.

With its planned safety initiatives, SU is taking the first step toward protecting these students. And once SU takes care of the basics, the city could come through with more improvements.

Landlords can help make basic efforts toward safer streets — or in Ben Tupper’s case, go beyond with a $30,000 contribution toward security cameras. Because local government isn’t obligated to provide more security than it allocates to other parts of the city, it’s up to SU to use its influence to bridge off-campus security gaps when possible.

After all, SU has a huge stake in the livelihood of its students.

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